I started this blog almost five years ago to document my pregnancy and all the craziness of being a first-time mom. I got pregnant again only a year later, blogged about chasing a toddler while lumbering around pregnant. Gave birth to my second daughter and am now crazily going about the day-to-day of raising two. Stay tuned, because this place gets crazier by the day.

I’m guessing I would be categorized as a “mommy blogger” and I’m okay with that, I’m in awesome company, there are many blogs I read that make me feel more normal about what I’m doing as a mom. I have no agenda here. This is a blog about my life. My situation. My family. Past, present, future. Musings, opinions, rants, photos– hell, I’m even throwing recipes in for good measure. I can’t promise what this will or won’t be, it just is.

I’m trying to find a balance: to be the best parent (to these monkeys) and partner (to this guy) I can be, while maintaining my own sense of self. I’m a work in progress and I am thankful, because overall? Overall, life is good.