Not playing that card…yet

As I was perusing the interwebs, I saw an article about how to make your own twix bar. I was intrigued, and bookmarked it for future reference (since, I don’t have the ingredients to make them currently). However, it made me crave a twix bar. (Hello PMS!)

I looked over at Bill and said “Don’t you want to go to 7-11 and pick me up a Twix and a slurpee?” He looked at me and said “You’ve got two legs and car keys…if you want it, go get it!”

I gave him my poor, pitiful face and said “I’m your WIFE! The MOTHER of your CHILDREN!” (with my most dramatic, over-the-top voice) “Doesn’t that mean ANYTHING?” (Of course, I’m playing it up).

He looked over at me and said “Do you REALLY want to play that card right now? For a Twix and a slurpee?”

He had a point. I decided to forgo the Twix and the slurpee and am going to bed. I’m holding on to the card for just a LITTLE while longer.

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