Long Beautiful Hair

Since the day she was born, Olivia has had a head full of curls, losing some of it when she was about four months old, and finally growing those curls back.

They are GORGEOUS.

Not tight curls, but big loose curls that are usually curlier right after her hair air dries. Her hair is also long. When wet, it stretches almost to her butt, when dry it is halfway down her back.

Some days it is a struggle to get her to cooperate with me when it comes to combing and fixing her hair, lots of days she’ll say “You’re just going to pull it back, no combing it, right?” Which I have to inform her that yes, indeed, I will be combing her hair, because when you have long hair you HAVE to take care of it. When she protests I tell her “well, if you want to get your hair cut, then we won’t have to comb as much!”

Then the tears start “I don’t WANNNNTTTT to cut my hair, no mama, please don’t cut my hair!” Of course I have no defense: “OK baby, we won’t cut your hair right now, but we have to keep combing it and taking care of it so you don’t get any bugs or big tangles in it.”

“Okay mama.” Usually after that we have no problems (until a day or two later when we have the same conversation).

We’ve tried to explain that cutting your hair is painless, and it is a lot like cutting your fingernails or toenails. Nothing seems to help, she is still terrified of the idea of cutting her hair. I couldn’t put my finger on it until one day when we had the conversation about hair and she said “But I don’t want short hair like daddy!”

No amount of explaining how a haircut works would persuade her that it didn’t mean getting a number 3 shave on the back and sides and a trim on top. So for now, long hair rules.

I need to buy stock in detangler.

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