Little bits…

  • Yesterday, I was working out with my Wii fit plus “trainer” and the girls were working out with me (they really enjoy ‘exercises’). The trainer likes to shout out words of encouragement throughout your workout. Suddenly I hear Sophia’s little voice shout out (a little congested one, I might add, since she has been sick recently and her nose is still runny) “I’m toning my body! I’m doing it!”
  • Last night, Olivia came out of her room, dragging her monkey, Sandwich, behind her. “Um, Daddy…I need to tell you something.” Seeing as how it was nearing 10 p.m., we were growing weary of her stall tactics, but ever the good daddy, Bill asked her what was wrong. “I have a problem. Sandwich is allergic to beds!” Bill stifled his laughter and said “No, he isn’t! Sandwich LOVES your bed.” And then Olivia said “No, he really is allergic, see? And proceeded to “sneeze” for Sandwich, proving that he, indeed, was allergic to beds.
  • Sophia had a cold last week and she is still very congested and has a runny nose…Yesterday I said “Oh, you’re Miss PrissPot, aren’t you?” She looked at me, indignantly and said “I NOT PISS-POT! I SO-FEE-UH!”
  • Olivia has taken to making a “pfft” sound whenever we say or do something that she thinks is wrong or silly. Ex: Last night I made pancakes and bacon for dinner. We also had yogurt and bananas. I told the girls I was going to have yogurt on top of my pancakes instead of syrup. (BTW: YUM) Olivia looked at me, “Pfft”ed and said “That’s not right” and shook her head at me. We’ve had to enact a “no Pffting rule at the table.” We are attempting to eradicate the pffting altogether. Wish us luck.
  • Sophia, on the other hand, has taken to saying “Ummm-hmmm” and “Uh-uh” instead of “yes and no”. We have been responding with “use words, I do not understand these sounds” or something similar. The other morning, during breakfast, Olivia asked Sophia a question and got the standard “Ummm-hmmm” from Sophia. Suddenly I heard Olivia say, “Don’t you UMMM-HMMM ME!” Bill and I had to hold each other up to prevent us from falling over with laughter. Then I had to wonder where she heard that from, because we do try to be good parents and use constructive ways to correct them when they say things they shouldn’t. I am assuming I said it to Bill jokingly, or have, indeed slipped up and said it to her in the past.
  • For the past month, both girls have been obsessed with Wall-E and walk around the house saying “Waaaaaaahhhh-Leeeeee” and “Eeee–Vhuuuuu” in similar voices to those the robots use. It never fails to amuse.

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