The cuteness…it may kill us all.

Tonight during their bath, Sophia picked up the plastic dinosaur that they both love to fight over and put him on his side inside of the soap dish. She looked over at me and *whispered* “Shhhh…dino-soar SEEPING.”

I almost keeled over from the cuteness.

Just now I heard over the baby monitor “Come on Sophia, wake up we can talk together and have SO MUCH FUN.”

I hated to go in there and shoo Olivia away from the edge of Sophia’s crib, but I really don’t need two awake children right now.

Even if it was so darn sweet I couldn’t stand it.

Advice to you all: Don’t take Benadryl (or the generic counterpart) for allergies during the day if you have anything to do other than falling into a deep coma. Never before has naptime seemed so short.

But I would bet anything if I took another two pills right now they would have the opposite effect and I would never sleep again. Risky gamble I’m not willing to take.

Flink for your troubles: Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody

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