Our POTUS is so cool

I just love the First Family. I don’t care what your politics are, there is no denying that family is GORGEOUS. And good with each other, too. But, since there are tons of other blogs that can go on and on (much better I might add) about how awesome the First Family is I won’t do that today.

I will, however, send you your FLINK for the day: Obama Weather. It tells you the weather by using (a cartoon) Obama in different modes of dress (cold? He’s wearing a jacket, hot? Shorts, shades and a SLURM T-shirt). You can change the cartoon to either Obama, House MD, Angelina Jolie or Bender the Robot. It’s also in Celsius, but you can change it to Fahrenheit. This site COULD be slightly NSFW. As I was playing around with the site I noticed that both Angelina and House became nekkid when I hit an error page. Peepees and hoohoos were EVERYWHERE. Granted, they were cartoon peepees and hoohoos, but they were still there. I haven’t played around with it enough (nor is it hot enough) for me to know if when it DOES get hot enough if the cartoons strip naked, but it is a possibility. I also don’t know if they put the POTUS in a similar state of dress, but I would say probably not. Either way, it is a fun site to play around with.

This is my current Obama.

This is my current Obama.

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