No room for unitaskers

Both Bill and I are huge Alton Brown fans, and subscribe to many of his culinary philosophies. The main philosophy being that the only unitasker you should have in your kitchen is a fire extinguisher. It’s something we live by. We have a small-ish kitchen and getting the most for our money is a high priority of ours (as I’ve mentioned time and time again).

Bill (and now, I) are fans of this website, Unclutterer, which is: “a blog about getting and staying organized”. It offers amazing information and tips and does it in an un-boring way. However, your Flink lies in their weekly feature, that never fails to have me shaking my head in disappointment in the human race.

Unitasker Wednesday offers a new weekly unitasker that is offered for sale somewhere on the interwebs (usually). You can buy this stuff, but it will only do one thing–one ridiculous thing. They even offer a disclaimer before each Unitasker item:

“All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!”

So for the love of all that is holy, please don’t come back to me and tell me you’ve bought a Garbage Bowl, or a Chompr…I may have to go all Dwight Schrute on you.

2 comments to No room for unitaskers

  • Ok I love some Alton!! on the real tip… And I am very picky about my kitchen stuff, including unitaskers… looking through this list knowing that people have bought some of this crap, makes my spine shiver… Faith in teh interwebzzzzz, Restored!!!


  • I’ve never heard of Alton Brown or his website but this unitasker stuff is hilarious! My inlaws are HUGE buyers of that kind of crap and they always send it to me. I’m loving your Flink posts!


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