Using the Force

When Olivia first became a Star Wars fan, she would get REALLY frustrated that she couldn’t use “the force”. She came to me crying “Mama! Why can’t I use the force? I’m trying so hard!” We tried to explain to her that she was still a Padawan and she had to train really hard and grow up to become a Jedi, so she could use the force.

What? Why is that any different than maintaining the belief in Santa?

A few nights ago we were joking around before bed: I was pretending to turn the light off by using the force (quickly running my hand over it and flicking the switch off, making it seem like I wasn’t even touching the switch). She was amazed and I explained that I was already a Jedi. She looked at me skeptically.

“I don’t want you to turn the light off, mama, I want you to make something move with the force.”


I meekly explained that I wasn’t a FULL Jedi and that was beyond my skill set.

We tucked them into bed and kissed them good night.

About 10 minutes later we heard some noise and Sophia started crying, so Bill ran into the bedroom to find out what had happened.

He came out a few minutes later, holding himself up, laughing.

He told me that when he got in the room, Sophia was incredibly upset, saying that Olivia had taken her book, but Sophia still had the book she was crying about.

“What are you talking about? He asked, “the book is right there! What did Olivia do, bring the book back to you?”

“Yes, she gave it back!” Sophia sobbed.

“I didn’t take the book daddy! I didn’t!” Olivia interjected, adamantly.

“Are you sure you didn’t take the book and then give it back to Sophia when she got upset? You need to tell the truth, Olivia.”

“Yes, I took Sophia’s book, Daddy.” Olivia finally admitted.

“Did you get out of bed to get the book?” Bill asked, “You know you’re not supposed to get out of bed.”

“I did not get out of bed to get the book Daddy!” Olivia proclaimed.

“Olivia, how did you get the book if you didn’t get out of bed?” he asked her.

She looked at him, with a big smile on her face and simply said:

“I used the force.”

8 comments to Using the Force

  • Raising Jedi’s can be such a challenge.

    I’ve convinced my toddler holding my hand out at him and wiggling my fingers gives me the power of The Force and he immediately falls down. It’s a good skill to have.


    Natalie Reply:

    Oooh, smart! I’m going to have to try and employ that tactic.


  • Bwahahahaha. My hubs is going to love this story.


    Natalie Reply:

    Bill MADE me write the story, b/c he wants it to be documented and saved for all time.

    In fairness he didn’t have to twist my arm, but he did keep asking when I was going to write it (this happened earlier this week).


  • Awww. The force is strong with this one.


    Natalie Reply:

    :o) She likes to think so.


  • This is going to be a great memory to share with her when she’s older! This is like the VW commercial :)


    Natalie Reply:

    She loved that commercial and got SO excited when she saw it the first time. She is now convinced she wants to be Darth Vader for Halloween this year (she was Yoda last year).


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