If I had food poisoning, I would feel worse, right?

Protein bar for breakfast. A variety of veggies and homemade hummus for lunch; some Snapea Crisps and then, for dessert I had a tablespoonful of Nutella. I felt fine for the majority of the day. There was light nausea that started last night before dinner. I ate dinner anyway (salami & cheese with crackers). I immediately regretted it.

I REALLY hope that it isn’t food poisoning, because those are some of my favorite things.

I took some Pepto. No relief. A few hours later I took anti-nausea pills. I went to bed. I woke up. Still, my stomach was queasy. No puke. Just the other end of the spectrum. Wouldn’t I be puking if it were actual food poisoning? Would I be able to sit up and write a post that contains entirely too much information? Side note: please don’t stop reading my blog…please? I’ll be back to normal stuff soon, I promise.

And no, I’m not pregnant. NOT pregnant.

I tried drinking some iced tea this morning and my stomach was having none of it, so I don’t want to eat. This means my stomach is doing that “Hey, I’m hungry…no, I’m queasy…no, I’m hungry…” bullshit that it usually does when you have a stomach bug.

What annoys me the most? I’m trying to justify NOT working out. Um, hello weirdo. I am still holding out hope that maybe I will feel better by the time I pick Olivia up from preschool, so I can do my workout while they are napping. I’m actually planning on it. I just want ONE week where I don’t have an off day. I think maybe I am expecting too much from myself. In fact, I’ve done pretty damn good to be as healthy as I have been since my house has been a petri dish and everyone EXCEPT me has been really really sick with this cold/flu/whatever they had. Which never happens.

4 comments to If I had food poisoning, I would feel worse, right?

  • Sounds like the stomach flu to me. When I had food poisoning it was VIOLENT. The stomach pains were more painful than labor pains…literally felt like I was getting stabbed to death in the stomach. Those pains lasted for an entire night. Then there was the violent puking and all that other good stuff. And I was pregnant, so that was super fun. Went to the ER where they filled me up with fluids and sent me home. I’ll never eat cole slaw from a restaurant again!


    Natalie Reply:

    Someone just told me that a stomach bug is going around, so you are probably right. I guess I just assumed food poisoning because I feel okay other than my nausea symptoms.


  • Apparently the whole country has had some sort of stomach bug or another lately. :-( I hope you feel better soon.


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