P90X Update: Week 4

This was my recovery week. My workouts were different and I had two days of rest/stretch instead of one.

Day 22 (Monday): Today I did Yoga X. I think in previous weeks I have glossed over the fact that there are lots of poses that are beyond my skill level, nor do I have the flexibility I want to maintain a straight form in many of the poses, but I do my best. I still do the modified standing leg position, with my knee tucked instead of my leg straight in front of me. The Crane position is one I always sit out. It is a freaking handstand, something which I have mastered in the pool, but on land, not so much. I did the entire hour and a half (sitting out or falling out of a handful of poses–no more than 5 minutes worth) and felt really good after.

Day 23 (Tuesday): Core Synergistics were today, and I felt really good about the majority of the workout, it was harder to get it completed; I’ve noticed the later in the morning/day I begin, the harder it is to keep the girls occupied. Since Olivia had dance lessons earlier that morning, my workout was pushed to almost 11 a.m. It was harder to focus with the munchkins wanting to “help” me with my exercise, but I did what I could. I also did a very clunky Dreya Roll. It was awful looking and my form was horrible, but I did it.

Day 24 (Wednesday): I woke up feeling awful. I couldn’t think straight and I was in a haze. I decided not to push it and if I felt better in the afternoon I could do my work out. I didn’t, so I decided to switch my days, as Thursday was supposed to be my X Stretch day, so I rearranged my schedule.

Day 25 (Thursday): Today I felt much better, so I did the Kenpo X that had been scheduled for Wednesday. I gave this workout my all, almost as if I was trying to make up for Wednesday’s illness.

Day 26 (Friday): After my Cardio workout I realized that the program was designed in a very specific way. There was a reason X Stretch had been scheduled between the Kenpo X and the Cardio. I felt every single move and my every piece of me hurt. I was so sore when I went to bed that night. Ben Gay was applied to my neck, shoulders and back. I felt a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, and I believe that is what was causing so many headaches.

Day 27 (Saturday): I couldn’t move when I woke up. I was so sore. I knew that trying to do an hour and a half of Yoga X would not be pretty. But I wanted to do something, so I decided to do the X Stretch that I had skipped Thursday. I really don’t know why I thought it would be a short, breezy little stretchy workout. It was 60 minutes of stretching. Yoga poses, Core Synergistics stuff, and new stretches were introduced. I didn’t break out in a flop sweat, but I was definitely feeling it after the hour was over and I had started lightly sweating. I also knew after that work out I had made the right choice in skipping the Yoga. I was trying to listen to my body and not my brain, which is sometimes really hard for me.

Day 28 (Sunday): Still very sore, and a little bummed after my weigh in, but I am trying to look on the bright side and push on. I finished Phase One of P90X. That has to count for something, right?

Here are a few things I feel will help make my workout better after Week 4:

  • Sleep is important. I need to make sure I am getting enough every night. Just like water, sleep is necessary.
  • My flexibility has improved, but I need to really push myself to uncomfortable levels so I can start doing more of the poses that are difficult for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to hurt myself, but I enjoy seeing improvement.
  • Listen to my body. I need to get out of my head and just do what I can. Stop beating myself up so much.

Notes for Week 4:

  • I gained about a half a pound back. It bums me out. It shouldn’t. But it does. I’m trying to be positive and realize that minor setbacks are going to happen, but I can’t shake it right now. Ask me again tomorrow.
  • I have noticed my arms are looking a little more toned. I’m horrible at flexing, but I can tell a slight difference when I turn my arms certain ways. That makes me happy.
  • As I said above, my flexibility has improved. When doing sitting down hamstring stretches, I can grab the top of my foot right under my toes with both hands. I was at my ankle when I started. No nose to the knee yet, but I’m getting there.
  • I  need to really work on relaxing and stretching my neck and upper body, as the tension headaches I mentioned above are really intense. More ballistic stretching is needed. And maybe a massage.

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  • Wow, you are such a trooper. This sounds HARD! You really do not realize how amazing you feel after working out until you stop working out. For good. I feel like such a dead-beat now that I dont work out that much. Keep the hard work! <3


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