Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 22-28)

Day 22: We went to Costco. Bill liked the way the pallets looked, so I took a few pictures of them, I liked the way Olivia & Sophia’s feet looked, so I took pictures of them (and used one of them for Wordless Wednesday). But ultimately, the sign won. It just made me giggle and it was different. I am trying not to bore everyone with constant photos of feet. It’s hard, because, let’s face it, the feet are cute.Day 23: My mother-in-law came to visit and took us to lunch and then we baked with the girls. It was a nice time. (What? I actually like my mother-in-law…sue me). Most of the pictures were of the girls and her together, and Bill took a ton of us baking together, so technically, since HE took them, I couldn’t use them. I went with the food photo and called it a day.

Day 24: The girls watched TV and ate one of the cookies they baked the day before. I may or may not have crossed Sophia’s legs to get the shot. What? How is it any different than telling someone to smile? I took another angle and played around with the color scheme to change it up.
Day 25: Today was Olivia’s first dance class, so I took as many pictures as I could get away with before her class started. Sophia and I then went to breakfast and I snapped a few pictures of that, but couldn’t get over the image I used.
Day 26: This was the day I felt like crap warmed over, so I had no idea what I was going to photograph. Then the mail came and my fabulous friend sent these amazing little aprons for the girls. I loved how goofy they were in the picture I used, but this one nicely shows the aprons off as well. Plus Olivia’s little hands clasped in front of her is just so ladylike. My grandma would be proud. Day 27: We went to the library. I took a lot of pictures of them walking up together, but it was way too bright and I hate the harshness of overly bright sunlit photos. I did what I could in Photoshop. I like the one I turned B&W (when a picture is way too sunlit, making it B&W sometimes helps). If you have any other suggestions, please share!
Day 28: I have been meaning to photograph this flowering tree (I learned from Amy that they are Camellias) we have beside our house, but never got around to it. So when the cute flower headband that I ordered from Twenty Five Design (which, BTW: I LOVE) came in the mail I was in a flowery mood. Here are the ones I didn’t use.

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6 comments to Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 22-28)

  • Mary Horne

    Loving all your pictures! What lens are you using the most these days?


  • Raven

    I love that Sophia’s hair is also in a bun in the ballet shot, cause it makes me think she was begging to be like big sis too. And she’s also so adoringly staring at O in the apron shot you put on FB. Love the sisterly adoration thing. It’s so cute.

    And the camellia is so pretty- all those perfect petals in geometric cycles.


  • “I am trying not to bore everyone with constant photos of feet. It’s hard, because, let’s face it, the feet are cute.” I absolutely agree. Which is why the pictures from my wedding that I have deemed “best” are ALL of feet. I’ve started to worry that maybe there is something wrong with me, that I would prefer pictures of my feet than my face. :-)


  • I love their striped legs. Have you seen the laundry detergent commercial with the girl with all the leggings/tights? Totally makes me think of your girls.


  • Mary: For the majority of the pictures I’m using my 18-250mm (my go-to lens), but w/ the flower shots I used my 50 mm 1.8. And thank you! I take that as a big compliment from you, as I adore all of your pictures!

    Raven: Sophia looks up to Olivia so much, they usually always want to wear matching or similar things and their hair is usually put up very similarly too. People always assume I push it on them, but I give them the choice, as I want them to be individuals, but they love being alike most of the time.

    TMae: If there is something wrong with you, then there is something wrong with me, because I just can’t get enough of the little feet (and in general cute feet/shoe pictures). I think it stems from my love of shoes. We can just embrace our weirdness and start a support group?

    Amy: Yes! I love that commercial because of the leggings & tights. I went a little tight crazy a few years ago and still have a few pair that haven’t been worn, so I am glad they are starting to enjoy wearing them. I also went legging crazy for Olivia this past year. I have issues.


  • I love the idea of an outtakes linky! I’ll have to keep this in mind next week.


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