The curious incident of the little girl in the morning-time

I’m not a morning person.

Now that I have two kids who are mobile and can get in and out of their own beds, life is much easier. They come into mama & daddy’s room, climb into our bed and will watch cartoons until 7:30-8 (depending on if we have preschool that morning), allowing me at least 30 extra minutes to prepare to get out of bed. It’s wonderful.

The only downside?

I have kids who can get in and out of their beds whenever they please.

Yesterday morning seemed like every other morning. I got up around 8, got breakfast for the girls and sat down to check my email. First thing I noticed was my cell phone, on the OTHER end of the couch instead of the little table where I left it.

“Maybe Bill moved it or something.” I thought.

My laptop lives on an Ikea breakfast tray (classy, I know) that I usually have on the floor beside the couch or in my bedroom, depending where I was for the majority of the previous evening. It was sleeping, so I pushed the button to turn it on. Suddenly I hear a weird voice coming from my laptop.

What.the.hell? How did the voice activation turn on? I shrugged it off and thought maybe I had hit the little button accidentally. However, when I logged in, the jig was up.

My browser was open to the Leapfrog homepage. The Leapfrog Tag Reader management program was open, as was itunes.

“Olivia? Did you mess with my computer this morning?”

“I was only trying to work on some stuff.”


I then picked my phone up to see the friendly little message “Your phone has exceeded its password attempts, please log in with your google account”.

“Olivia? Did you mess with mama’s phone?”

“Well…I just wanted to make a call.”

Laughter stifled at this point.

I explained how she shouldn’t touch mama or daddy’s computer or phones, because they were not hers.

Later that night, Bill sat down at his desk and said “Did you mess with my computer today?”

“Uh, no. But Olivia messed with both my laptop and my phone, so I guess she had to ‘work’ on yours too.”

“Well, that’s impressive.”


“Well, she clicked the switch user button, logged in under the guest account, and managed to launch Internet Explorer and get to the T-Mobile website.”

I guess we need to teach her that Firefox is the browser of choice in this house.

As I was writing this post, Olivia came over and sat down beside me. She started reading over my shoulder. Suddenly she started giggling and said: “Yep. I did that.”

Yep. She did do that.

The title of today’s post pays homage to the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon.

7 comments to The curious incident of the little girl in the morning-time

  • Raven

    Oh, your mini-genius is already taking over your universe. She’s pretty darn clever to log in as a guest and get to IE. That’s beyond most of my coworker’s level of computer savvy. She’ll be building her own supercomputer in a secret lair in the basement any day now. ;)


    Natalie Reply:

    I guess it is encoded into her DNA to know how to work computers. We have no clue how she was able to log out/log in to Bill’s computer. Crazy smart kid.


  • Evan can now unlock my iPhone and turn on/off both laptops and the tv. He also figured out how to turn on iTunes from the iPhone while the phone is still locked – something even *I* didn’t know was possible. It terrifies me that my kid is better at technology than I am.


    Natalie Reply:

    It really is terrifying. Similar to how she loved remote controls as a baby, so we gave her a bunch of old ones but she never liked them as much as the actual working ones. She ALWAYS knew when a remote was battery-less.


  • We’ve been marveling over here how O knows how to unlock the hubs’ iPad and iPhone and find Angry Birds so he can play. It’s funny, and annoying at the same time. :-) The technology generation, I guess.


  • Pretty smart little kiddo. Spencer has come close to ordering PPV when the TV was off but the box was on.


  • ThatGirl_D

    Rotfl at all the comments!

    It is so true about these tech savvy kiddos, it amazes me how quickly they catch on. Lil Miss was about 15 months or so when she figured out how to unlock my iPhone and launch telephone…and find a contact to call :/ Get off my phone woman! :)

    At least O didn’t do any deleting or real damage.. She sounds like such the sweetie.


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