It’s like they know…

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I woke up feeling sick.


Was I fighting what the girls and Bill had last week? Was it something else? I had no idea. I was in a haze while I got the girls ready, in a haze dropping Olivia off at preschool, barely able to mumble a “oh was that today?” when the teacher asked if we should reschedule the meeting we had *tentatively* scheduled after school.

I managed to make my way through the grocery store in under 30 minutes, because, well, I’m the mama and we needed groceries.

After I put the groceries away I collapsed on the couch. Sophia took her shoes off and came over to me and said “Mama, I want to snuggle with you and watch Yo Gabba Gabba”.

So we did. I was able to get a (much needed) hour and a half snooze while Sophia snuggled her head into my armpit and watched TV.

Both girls were extremely well-behaved all day (for the most part) and after she woke from her nap, Sophia snuggled up to me and didn’t complain or whine to watch something while I finished the episode of Grey’s Anatomy I was watching (side note: How did I never know before this week how great this show is? I’m already up to Season Two). After a few minutes she looked at me and simply said “I want a movable bed, mama” then she snuggled into my armpit, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a “Sophia hug” (where she lightly tickles my arm with her fingertips).

I really think that sometimes they just know. Granted, it is rare. As Amy said to me when I told her what I was writing about,  “rare, but awesome: like unicorns or leprechauns”. I’ve had my fair share of days I didn’t feel well and they were holy terrors, but it is nice when the stars align to give you a break on a day you feel like shit.

I think Sophia may be a Grey’s Anatomy fan too. She kept talking about the “Moveable Beds” show.

5 comments to It’s like they know…

  • Rachel

    I had the “Grey’s Moment” too a few seasons after it started and bought all three seasons of DVDs and watched for weeks straight. It’s never too late to get hooked :)

    I know I haven’t commented in a while, but still love the blog! :)


  • You know what made me laugh? While I was reading this, ALL of the tweets in your scrolling thingy on your sidebar were @ me. ALL of them. Heh.


    Natalie Reply:

    Amy: Maybe I need to expand my social circle??? ;oP
    Rachel: Glad to know you’re still reading! :o) I’m definitely obsessed w/ Grey’s at the moment. It’s insane how good it is.
    Alana: It will be here before you know it! And yes, today was a much better day! Thank you!


  • I can’t wait for those moments!
    Hope you are feeling better! xo


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