A few days ago I was talking about the girls’ names. Basically how we didn’t intentionally plan on having them both end in “IA” but they just so happened to be the names we liked. Now we’ve pretty much decided that if we have a third girl, she will need to have a name that ends similarly, so she doesn’t feel left out. note: I am NOT pregnant.

Olivia’s middle name was easy. Dawn. It is my middle name. My mom’s middle name. I wanted to pass it down because it was the only thing I had. I had never particularly liked my last name, or what it symbolized, because I didn’t have that relationship with my father. In fact, I had wanted to change my name since I was about 10 or 11. The fourth happiest day of my life? Aside from the births of my children and my wedding day? The day I went down to the Social Security Administration offices and filed my change of name paperwork.

As far as names go, it is very dated, but it is pretty enough and it works. Plus, Olivia Dawn just rolls off the tongue.

When we were pregnant with Sophia, we were once again waiting until the birth day to find out the baby’s sex, so we had to have both sets of names ready. We had fallen in love with the name Sophia. I wanted the baby to have a meaningful middle name, as Olivia’s was, because I didn’t want the new baby to feel left out. If the baby had been a boy, the name was meaningful in that he would be the 3rd William (not the III) as Bill & his dad have different middle names.

At first, I thought we would go with the feminine form of Bill’s middle name, except neither of us were very fond of it and it didn’t really go well with Sophia. So option B was to find a name that started with the same initial.

I spent MONTHS searching for the perfect “M” name that would go with Sophia. I had lists of names and finally got Bill to sit down and pare them down with me. I still had about 7-10 names and we were at a stalemate.

I loved Madeline. He wasn’t crazy about it. But it was the only one that sounded pretty with Sophia (in my opinion). I was at the point of letting Olivia choose, but being that she was 21 months old, I was afraid she would choose Muffinhead or Steve (big Blue’s Clues fan at the time), so I decided to print my list and take it with me to the hospital. Why stress myself out over a name I may or may not need? I had a 50/50 chance, after all.

After her birth, as I was holding and nursing her, Bill came over, kissed my forehead and said “Guess we’ve got to decide on a middle name, huh?” Sophia was alert and had left my breast by this point but was a little fussy. I said “Okay Miss Sophia, what name do you think suits you?”

I ran down the list. She was fussing the entire time. Until I hit Madeline.

And I swear, she stopped fussing. She looked up at me.

Bill looked at me and said “No way.”

I said “Yeah, it was probably a fluke, let’s try it again.”

So I started down the list again, and once again, she started moving and making little noises, I hit the end, and started from the top. Once again, I hit “Madeline” and she was quiet.

“Sophia Madeline, it is.” Bill said, shaking his head in disbelief.

I can attest I did nothing but hold her in my arms the entire time and did nothing to make her cry/be calm at a certain point (as if I could). She just has excellent taste.

How many children can say they named themselves?

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  • I love it! I can’t beleive she did that- it’s amazing! Now you have a great story to tell her if she has children :) how about #3 Anastasia?


  • Merry Beth

    You and I were just talking about I love that Sophia picked her own middle name, that is such a good story for when she is older. I found a web site for you to use, if and when you need to find another girls name, , you can search names by endings, county of origin, etc. I love baby names, but I’m glad I only had to come up with names for two little


    Natalie Reply:

    Ha Merry Beth so you’re trying to say you are done with babies after Arabella is born? Say it aint so! I want at least one more, maybe two depending…I’m hoping we will have one in 2012 ;o)


  • We let Caroline choose between Caroline and Piper, but there MAY have been some pinching involved in my part to make sure she picked Caroline.

    I will now spend the rest of the day thinking of girl’s names that end in -IA, just in case you need one. You know, eventually.


    Natalie Reply:

    I like Fiona (I know, no “ia” but it still works, right?) But yes! IA names will be appreciated…hopefully by 2012!


  • Ani

    I don’t know why I remember you mentioning Amalia when we were once talking about a possible 3rd girl. This was a long time ago, I think even before I was pregnant with Edward.


  • Such a sweet story! And pretty names!


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