The darndest things…

Since I now have two sick kids, today’s post will be a short one.

  • This weekend, Bill was making Sophia a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she’s been going through a “peanut butter only” phase, but in recent weeks she has requested jelly as well. Since Bill was unsure he asked her “Soph, do you want jelly on your peanut butter sandwich?” She looked at him and responded “No daddy, I want jelly IN my peanut butter sandwich.”
  • A couple of nights ago, I couldn’t get Olivia to get her clothes on after her bath. She kept putting her underwear on her head with the crotch part over one eye and wouldn’t take them off. “Mama, I’m a pirate! Take a picture of me like this!” She kept saying over and over again. So, I did. I don’t think she understands the future implications of said photo.
  • Last week, I had to pick up my prescription birth control and tampons from the drugstore. Since the girls had been so good I told them I would get them a treat. They chose chocolate ice cream. I looked at my haul; tampons, birth control and chocolate ice cream. I looked at the cashier and said “Boy, I really am a walking cliche, aren’t I?”
  • We went out to lunch the other day and Olivia called something a “Butthead”. I told her that was NOT nice and asked her where she had heard it from, she said “From TV!” which caused me to say “No, you don’t watch that kind of TV, WHERE did you hear it from?” She was adamant that it was from TV, so I asked her “okay, which show?” She thought about it for a minute and said “Back to the Future!” Rut Roh. Guess who allowed Olivia to watch “Back to the Future” a month or so ago? Bill had to stifle his laughter because, while not bad, throughout the whole movie the term “butthead” is, indeed, spoken.
  • Today Olivia was walking around with one of her play pots on her head. “Look, mama! I’m a pothead!” she proclaimed proudly as she laughed. Dear Lord I hope that is never a word used to describe that amazing girl.

They really do say (and do) the darnedest darndest things…(edit: I double checked and while both spellings are correct, it looks like ‘darndest’ is the one most associated with the phrase “darndest things” so I’m going to use that one. And yes, I am a freak.)

4 comments to The darndest things…

  • LOL, I can’t wait until my kids can say the darndest things. His sense of humor right now is limited to pointing at strange men in public and loudly asking “Dada???”

    If you search “pothead” on my blog, there is indeed a picture of my child wearing a pot on his head, labeled as such.


    Natalie Reply:

    I almost had a heart-attack when I saw your spelling of Darndest. Because that was how I thought it was spelled, but when I checked I came across “darnedest”. SO I double-checked and it looks like we are both right, b/c both are used and both mean the same thing.

    GAH. I think I may change it to back to Darndest b/c it has been driving me bonkers.

    Spelling/Grammar aside: Just wait, it will be glorious. I remember when Olivia first started saying crazy things (in fact, I will be able to look back and find out via my blog! Technology, ain’t it grand?)


  • All you needed to add to fully complete the cliche was a bottle of red wine…


    Natalie Reply:

    Yes, that would have been classic.
    The cashier did not get my humor.


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