Project365: The Outtakes (Days 8-14)

Here are my outtakes from my Project365 for the week. If you missed last week’s post or just want to know what I’m doing, read this.

I totally stole Amy’s idea/format, because it is a good one.

Day 8: By the time I had gotten myself together enough to take a picture, my children were being cranky, so I decided to go outside and take pictures of things that wouldn’t argue back. The light was slightly lower than would have been ideal, so I played around in photoshop with them until they were at least tolerable. I would have liked more sharpness in general, but found I had the most trouble with the berries.

Day 9: We took the girls to the park and I had such a fun time taking pictures. The light was perfect and the girls were having a blast, which is always fun to photograph. At the end of the day I had two top contenders so I let Olivia decide. This was the other choice:

Day 10: I only took a few pictures that day, as I was battling the headache from hell, but I knew as soon as I came upon the situation that it would be my picture for the day.

Day 11: We went outside in the later afternoon, which meant I needed to use my flash. Shooting with a flash is such a crapshoot, and while I love that I have an external flash now, I often get frustrated if I can’t figure out the exact angle I should point said flash.

Day 12: We went to one of our favorite parks for our weekly playdate and I had a hard time choosing between three. Ultimately I went with the one I chose b/c the light is just too harsh on both of these. While the shadow is cute, I feel that with all the other weird shadows everywhere it takes away from it.

Day 13:  While the picture I chose was a good one, it wasn’t as sharp as I would have hoped. I had taken a few different angles of the fountain, but none of them seemed to come out right. I was with a bunch of people who didn’t understand my obsession with photographing a fountain, had Olivia to contend with, and I felt rushed. Overall, not bad, but with more time I would have had a better outcome.

Day 14: The girls had gotten yo-yos (because that’s practical for a 2.5 & 4 year old) so I thought it would be hilarious to attempt a photo of them trying to figure out how to use the yo-yos. It was funny how I ended up using something completely different after Olivia decided she needed to melt my soul with her sweetness. But the yo-yo photos are fun anyway.

We want to see your outtakes too! Here’s the code, join up by clicking below!

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2 comments to Project365: The Outtakes (Days 8-14)

  • I love the bear on the slide and the hands the best. Or maybe the head thrown back yo-yo one. A great week!


    Natalie Reply:

    I really liked the hands, but I was afraid I was being too “Sophia centric” since I had done one of her by herself the day before. I try to be even, but it can be hard if one kid is cooperating and the other isn’t.

    And the bear on the slide was cute. She insisted on bringing “Banana Bear” to the park. He was disgusting by the time we got home.


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