This is the post where I take the time to brag

I sometimes feel I use this space a little too much for the complaining. It’s a good space for me to do that, it is a way to vent when the kids are screaming, non-eating, little defiant children. BUT they are also these amazing, wonderful little humans and I am proud to be their mother, so I decided that maybe they needed a moment to shine here on my blog because, they amaze me daily. DAILY. Even with all the screaming, defying and stubborn independence.

I kind of love that about them. Well, except the screaming. I will be happy to see it go.

  • Vocabulary/Speaking: Both of my children have far surpassed what is considered “normal” vocabulary for their age range. Our pediatrician’s eyes always get really big when the girls start talking to him and he skims over the part of his questionnaire regarding their speech and development. They are able to fully articulate what they want about 95% of the time. The other 5% they are frustrated and the cranky takes over. Even then, when she sits and calms herself down, Olivia is able to fully explain what is wrong. We’re still working on Sophia, but she is 21 months behind her sister, so I’m not at all worried.
  • Playing together/independently: I have been told that I am incredibly lucky that both kids are able to keep themselves occupied for such long stretches. It’s normal for us, as they have always been children who were happy with what they had in front of them and after a point didn’t need to constantly look to see where I was. This is not to say I do not interact with them or play, but when I am exercising, cooking dinner, etc. etc. it is so nice to know¬† they can entertain themselves. They also play together very well. I have to break up a toy fight every now and again, but otherwise Olivia is happy to be the Alpha Dog, and Sophia seems mostly content to listen and follow big sister’s lead. That said, I have seen the pecking order change and Sophia does not take crap from Olivia. She stands up for herself and if she doesn’t like what is going on she lets us all know.
  • Imaginations: Oh the imaginary friends. I’ve discussed them in the past, but it is a constant revolving door around here with all the new ones that come in and out. Both girls take on the persona of whichever toy they are playing with. The other night Olivia and Buzz Lightyear were fighting because Olivia was wearing her Buzz PJs and Buzz was “mad I had the same clothes on as him.” I actually had to break up a fight between Olivia and a toy. They love playing dress-up (even if they prefer just hats over actual clothes) and come out to show me, stating “mama I am a chef/policeman” while wearing a police hat and an apron. I love it. They also love to ‘cook’ in their kitchen and are always bringing me different concoctions to try. “Here is potato strawberry corn pie” (I didn’t say they were GOOD concoctions, but at least they are experimenting).
  • Sophia has mastered the 24 piece puzzle. At 2 and a half. I moved their puzzles from the laundry room shelf into a bin under their bed and if Sophia is by herself she will “play puzzles” before anything else. She can put them together with surprising speed and it is so cute to see how proud she is of herself (and all the praise she gets only furthers the cuteness on her face).
  • Olivia has been reading for the past year, and her comprehension is growing by leaps and bounds. I don’t think reading was ever just “words on a page” for her, she has always done her best to totally immerse herself into what she is reading, taking on tone, voices, etc. etc. It’s amusing to see her read, realize what is going on, change tone and re-read what she just read. But her retention is phenomenal. She is happiest with a book and I am happy to indulge her.
  • Sophia will do almost anything to make you laugh. She is a constant joke repeater and loves to do things and then she will utter the words that just kill me “isn’t dat fun-nee?” Sure, when I type them out, nothing, but when that little face says it…I melt. and then giggle. In that order.
  • Olivia has started basic addition/subtraction and LOVES playing with her flashcards. She’s pretty good at it and even without flashcards she is able to spout off answers when quizzed. It is something her daddy really enjoys working on with her, as math is his favorite subject.
  • Kindness: Ultimately, this is what makes me the proudest. I may have said it before, but it bears repeating. My mantra to them is “You are smart. You are beautiful. But what I like best about you is that you are kind. Because in this world there are MANY smart and beautiful people, but not as many kind people. Always be kind.” And I believe it and will continue to tell them this at least once a week (more if necessary) so they always carry it with them. But they are such sweet girls. They share (usually) but even when they don’t want to share, it usually only takes a little coaxing to get them to do so. They give the best hugs and always get them just by looking at me and saying “I want a hug, mama”. They often catch me off guard with their proclamations of “You’re the BEST mama ever!” . It almost always makes me cry. They comfort each other when they are sad and love their friends and family. They like to help me with things and Olivia’s newest request is to help me set the table, which when possible, I oblige her.

I love those little fartfaces. To the moon and back.

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