My Week (5) in Droid Photos


We made cookies. LOTS of cookies.

My children are also weird. (Note: No one was harmed in the incorrect wearing of the Spiderman mask)


We went to Target in the rain for a couple of last minute gifts.

We spent the rest of the rainy day playing games and hanging out in our slippers.


More rain, so we watched movies and the girls learned how to share their chair.


This was the worst day of the rain, by far, but at least the girls were able to step outside for a few minutes to catch a glimpse of the rainbow that appeared in our backyard. Even if they were still in their PJs.


The rain stopped, so we went to the library to replenish our stock.


We made sure to leave Santa milk & cookies, but my sweet girls didn’t want to forget the reindeer. “We need carrots!” Olivia said, and before I could shut the refrigerator door, Sophia piped up “And water! Don’t forget the water!”


Santa came!

I’m still cleaning.

So that was our week. How was yours? You don’t need a droid, any cell phone will do! Just hop over to Amy’s A Good Life blog and grab the code, then link up below!

2 comments to My Week (5) in Droid Photos

  • Looks like a fun week even with the rain. That’s cute about the water for the reindeer!


    Natalie Reply:

    Thanks, we try to keep busy! I thought it was cute too–and surprised me since I don’t think we had discussed water for reindeer any time before.


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