Rainy Day Errands

So it’s raining.


Of course that nullifies any and all plans of outside play I had come up with a few weeks ago when I realized how quickly Olivia’s preschool break would be upon us. Granted, she’s only gone 9-12 hours a week, but I wanted to fill our time with fun things and keep us busy (preferably for free at the park).

Since we baked all weekend, I am totally over it. I made date/apricot/almond balls, oatmeal scotchies, chocolate chip cookies, a gingerbread ARMY, peanut butter fudge and Christmas Tree Cake Pops (using leftover frozen cake from Olivia’s Birthday).

I did all of that so I could send tins of treats to my mom, sisters and my like-a-sister across the country (and for those neighbors and friends who pop by here). I wanted the ones that needed to get across the country to get there as close to Christmas as possible, so I boxed everything up along with the gifts for my nieces, and realized I would HAVE to go to the post office today. In the rain. With both girls.

To say I was dreading it is an understatement. I wasn’t so worried about the girls, it was the other people in line who often act foolish and huff and puff and just act, well, like a preschooler or toddler. I have worked way too hard to have my “this is not how we behave in public” speeches be under-minded by adults behaving badly.

So we got dressed in our rain boots and jackets, and walked to the garage. As I was getting Sophia into her seat, Olivia said “What is THIS?” and I walked over to find that my wonderful, sweet, amazing husband had bought us a new HUGE umbrella and had leaned it against my door. My old umbrella is older than Olivia and barely fits one person, so it was a very welcomed surprise to have one large enough to keep us all dry.

The post office wasn’t as bad as I imagined, I found parking, which is (usually) a sign it wasn’t too crowded. We were in line for about 30 minutes, and the girls were AWESOME. I was so proud, (and apparently high) so I asked them if they wanted to go over to Target. We were out in the mess anyway and I had two more gifts to buy to finish up my shopping.

I would now like to add an addendum to my Shopping Cart Theory. Apparently (and this needs further investigating), but APPARENTLY, if you put both kids in the large part of the cart together, they can function and behave in a way that allows you to do your shopping for under an hour in (mostly) unbridled bliss. We hit our limit when they started biting each others’ raincoat hoods, but as I was done anyway, it worked out.

While I was checking out, Bill sent me a text and asked me to stop by Best Buy to get a few gifts. Being that I am a good wife, the fact that I knew he was going to be working late tonight (probably all this week, actually), and because he’s just so darn cute (um, and hello!? ‘New umbrella’ points were fresh), I loaded the kids up, drove over to Best Buy (at the other end of the shopping center), unloaded them, found what we were looking for and ALMOST made it out without incident.

As I was paying, Olivia tried to hug Sophia, who fell backward onto some lady’s high stiletto boots and started crying. As I am trying to ascertain that she is okay, wasn’t stepped on or impaled (she wasn’t), and comforting her, I am also attempting to apologize to the woman, who has not moved an inch since my 30ish pound (almost) 2.5 year old fell into her ankles and feet. She had been talking on the phone the whole time! I FINALLY made eye contact, mouth “I’m so sorry!” and she just smiled and nodded. Ohhh-kayyy. I’ve never had a phone conversation that was so intense I didn’t flinch when something hit me. But, maybe she’s just more awesome than I am.

She was rocking those shoes.

After we got home, the girls decided they wanted to unwind with a game of memory. I decided to supervise, so I could get some very important twitter/facebook/blog reading done (more on the.twitter in a minute). After a few rounds, Olivia said “Okay, I’m done with that, I want to play Add-a-ten”.

“Add-a-ten?” I asked? “What’s Add-a-ten?”

I assumed it was some game she had made up, as she loves-loves-loves making up silly games.

“You know, when you take a number, and you add it to another number? Add-a-ten!” She looked at me like I was stupid.

“OHHHH addition?” It suddenly clicked.

“Yes! Yes! Ad-dish-shun–Can I play those cards?”

Of course she could! She’s gonna make sure mama gets a home-nurse instead of a nursing home.


Okay people. I’ve finally joined the.twitter. Thanks to Suzanne over at Bebehblog who CRAP has TWO babies now and LIVE TWEETED the birth of the newest sweet bebeh (Congratulations, again, Caroline is beautiful, and no, I’m not just saying that–she is), I decided I should give the.twitter a try. That was a horribly horrible run-on sentence. But I regret NOTHING. Also, I may continue to call it the.twitter because it makes me giggle. If you check my little right sidebar thingy, it SHOULD have a live twitter update on what I’m tweeting, and how to follow me. If you have subscribed to my RSS feed, and don’t want to click to my actual page, I’m tweeting as natablog. FOLLOW ME. I promise lots of random crap entertaining and insightful things will be posted throughout the day. Less than 48 hours into it and I’m freaking addicted. I will post some photos, but no faces, because I’m still respecting Bill’s wishes (however, I love Facebook friends, just sayin’).

So yeah…Follow natablog! Then follow all the awesome mama bloggers I follow, since I’ve already met so many fantastic other moms (thank you again, Suzanne!) and can’t wait to meet more!

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