My Week (4) in Droid Photos


We put up our outdoor Christmas lights.

Which, I don’t know why we bother, as ours are extremely…paltry…compared to our next door neighbor.


Sophia and I spent the morning running errands, while Olivia spent her morning at preschool making stuff.

She made a big ‘S’ and ‘O’ on each side of the graham cracker house. She shared it with her sister and didn’t have to be coerced. Proud mama moment.


I conquered Mt. Laundry


I helped 15 preschoolers paint and glitter-fy paper mache ornaments. It was fun.


We made stuff.


While Olivia was at school, Sophia and I did a little Christmas shopping…again. Well, I shopped, she drew.


It was rainy.

So the girls stayed in their PJs and watched The Grinch

And then I baked.

And made Cake Pops for the very first time. Woohoo!

So that was my week in Droid photos. What about your week?? You don’t need a Droid, any camera phone will do!

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4 comments to My Week (4) in Droid Photos

  • Mary Horne

    SO impressed with those cake pops! I see them on Bakerella all the time, but I haven’t been brave enough to try them yet. I did not get a single crafty gene! :)


    Natalie Reply:

    I was s0 scared to try them out, but they are actually easier than I thought they would be. Just labor intensive, so do them when the kiddos are asleep (which is what I did, thank goodness). Just make sure you don’t use too much cake on a pop and make sure you dip the lollipop stick in the candy and then insert into the cake. Then put that in the freezer to set before you coat with the candy melts. That way you can avoid lumps of cake falling off into the candy. I can say with pride that I lost ONE cake pop b/c it was too heavy and fell off into the candy!


  • Looks like a super fun week. I can’t wait until Spencer is old enough for crafts.


    Natalie Reply:

    Last year (Sophia was almost 18 months old, Olivia had just turned 3) I was determined to start “crafting” at Christmas, so I made a hand-print wreath. I took a paper plate, cut the middle out & made them sit still long enough to trace their little hands on green paper as many times as they would let me. I cut all the little hand prints out and glued them to the ring from the paper plate, stuck a construction paper bow on it and called it a wreath. I kept it and hung it on my hallway door this year. Start small, even if it seems ridiculous, you will definitely appreciate it more than he does, but even doing something like one of those handprint tree ornaments is sweet.


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