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Since I started posting more (woohoo 1 and a half months strong), I have started to expand my blog roll (or is it blogroll? Spell check seems to think this is two words, but spell check can be a dirty dirty liar) to include lots of other kid-based blogs. Just wanted to fill you in on some of the new ones I started reading in the past month.

Add them to your blog roll (or blogroll)!

To those listed below: I harbor no illusions that any of you will receive a spike in your traffic. I’m a lowly blogger on the totem pole, but I do enjoy reading and looking at your photographs. :o) Plus, you all have chosen awesome names for your adorable offspring. I would gush about how awesome all of  you are, but I think your writing speaks for itself. Also? I don’t want come off as a weird fan girl, so all I am going to say is that I would hang out with ANY one of you if given the chance.

As a side note: I really need to consider renaming my blog (NO I’m not currently pregnant!), because reading about all these babies is making me realize I want another one, and I need a permanent solution. Ideas? I want quirk. I need quirk.

Okay, on to the list, which (for future reference) will be linked on my page.

Baby Baby Lemon

Harvesting Kale

A Good Life

This is the first day of my life.

silence and noise

The Chronicles of Corbin


Enjoy! I know I do!

7 comments to Add them to YOUR blog roll!

  • Thanks for including me on this list of awesome bloggers!


    Natalie Reply:

    Of course! You rock!


  • I feel sort of responsible for at least part of this list, which is one of my FAVORITE things on the internet – when one friend becomes friends with another. It happens all the time on Twitter (hey, you should get on Twitter), like when someone I knew through her blog but is now a real-life friend was sharing recipes with someone I know from commenting on Jezebel years ago who STILL comments on my blog despite her total disinterest in having babies/getting married/moving out of NYC/being boring. I love the interwebs.


    Natalie Reply:

    Um, you are TOTALLY responsible for the list. I should have given credit where credit is due!
    And I need to start using The.Twitter. I’m just not hip enough to know what is going on with all the tags and slashies and whatnots. Bill is really big with twitter (not so much the posting as the following) and is always saying that I need to update my account and start following folks. I am warming up to it.


  • Wow! Thanks for the shout-out! I really enjoy reading about your girls. I’m glad we crossed (bloggy) paths <3


    Natalie Reply:

    You’re welcome! I enjoy reading about Bresho and THOSE EYES. I’m a sucker for eyes, and his are to die for. :o) Plus you have impeccable taste. I wish I was as put together as you are! I’m glad we crossed bloggy paths too!


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