Potty Dance time!

Well, kind of.

I’ve been trying to get Miss O used to the potty in the hopes of potty training her in the near future. At least once a day, when I go to the bathroom, I will get her to sit on her little potty in the bathroom. She usually just sits there, sans diaper, wanting to re-re-read a magazine and waiting for me to be done.

Today after her lunch I did the same thing I always did, and sat her down on the potty, handed her a magazine and did my own thing as well. Suddenly I heard a tinkle, and felt something wet on my feet. I looked up and Olivia was still sitting on the potty, but she had scooted herself away from the middle of the bowl and was on the edge, so her tinkle spilled out on the floor.

However, I still count that as a success. She actually used the potty, it just so happened that she wasn’t positioned correctly and it didn’t hit the bowl. I’m still proud, even if I did have to clean the floor after. Hopefully we can transition to the potty and out of diapers before too long. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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