Kids say the darndest things…

Easter morning, Olivia was excitedly pulling out the contents of her Easter ‘tote’ (more practical until she is older), and somehow as she was doing so, she either saw a monkey or one of us called her a monkey (I can’t remember which). Suddenly she started making monkey noises and scratching her underarms and chest. I can’t even remember the last time Bill or I ‘acted’ like a monkey, so it was hilarious to see her do it. She’s learning things so quickly, and sometimes we don’t even know where they come from!

One example of that happened later that day. We were at Bill’s grandparent’s house hanging out, waiting for dinner to be ready. We had told Olivia all day long that there would be ham for dinner (she LOVES ham) which made her a very happy girl. She was sitting on the floor “dugloring” (coloring) and she picked up one of her books and started ‘reading’. This particular book happened to be her book filled with pigs. She would turn the pages, point at the pigs and one by one say “Ham…Ham…Ham…” We almost all fell out of our chairs laughing. Where in the world did she pick that up? Was it a hilarious coincidence? Maybe she was so excited about the ham, it was all she wanted to talk about, or maybe somewhere we had mentioned ‘pig is ham’ and she suddenly remembered? We have no clue, but it made for a hilarious story.

She also loves to pick up the telephone and dial it, saying “MeMe, MeMe” (which is what she calls my mom now), and if I happen to call my mom so she can talk to her, Olivia clams up and wants nothing to do with the phone. But, if there is no one on the other end of the phone, she will happily chatter on. She also says “MeMe” if the phone rings. Guess we know who calls my house the most–haha.

I’m amazed daily at all of the things she says and does. This morning she was watching “Buu” (Blue’s Clues) and after the episode was over she said “Maaooree” (which is how she started saying ‘more’) and I asked her what she wanted more of, and she said “BUU!”

When you ask her a question (most commonly: “Where is Daddy’s remote?) she says “I dan knoooowww” and shrugs her shoulders, puts her hands up in the air as if she doesn’t know what I am talking about. We can’t help but to laugh every time.

I’m enjoying every moment of this, it’s amazing to see her learn.

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