And I thought I would blog MORE

So, this first trimester has pretty much kept me on my ass. Or, on my couch/bed/etc. Whenever I have a spare moment it seems I am resting. Olivia goes down for a nap? So does mama. Olivia goes to bed at night? So does mama. This is not an excuse, just a reason for why I haven’t posted. It takes everything I have just to keep my email/news read each day. However, with one more week to go before I am out of the first trimester, I hope to start feeling better, thus I hope to start writing more. I enjoy it, and from what I’ve read of those that do read, you enjoy it also.

So far, I haven’t gained any weight. I kept losing and gaining the same two to three pounds, but it seems to have stopped doing that and stuck to where I was before I found out I was pregnant. My belly wants to poke out a bit, but I’m not sure if it is actually the uterus poking out, or if I am just lazy and don’t want to suck my gut in. I want to believe it is baby-related, since I can’t really stand to have too much pressure on the area, much like when I was pregnant with Olivia. My greatest triumph is that I haven’t had to move into the maternity clothes yet. Last time around this stage in my pregnancy, I was already wearing them. AND everything I’ve read says the second time around you may have to wear them even EARLIER on…so; Go Me. haha I want to do everything I can to be healthier this time around, not gain as much weight and be better able to bounce back after I give birth. I have another little one to take care of, so maybe it won’t be as hard. Then again, it could be even harder. We’ll see.

We go tomorrow for our check-up, and I’ll find out if I am safe to fly, because I want to visit the family this month. I would really like to knock three visits out before I am too far along. I was able to visit a few times earlier in the last year, and then I guess we got lazy/busy during the end of the year, so we haven’t been back since July of last year. In my defense, my mom & grandma came out in October, so it’s not like we haven’t seen anyone (haha). But, I want our children to know their WHOLE family, not just one part.

Olivia is getting so big! Her vocabulary has gotten huge in the past month. She says “please” and “thank-you” when she wants something/receives something. However, she seems to think it is okay to take something from you, so long as she says “thank-you” as she does it. That is a lesson for when she is a bit older, I suppose. We sit for long periods of time and read book after book. Each time I finish one, she does the sign and says “more?”, so adorable! I’m in love with this learning period, every day is just so fascinating for us all. Yesterday we bought her crayons and drawing paper, and she is more content with pouring the crayons out and putting them back in the box than she is with scribbling. That will come in time, right?

Christmas was wonderful, we had a VERY busy day and I spent the majority of it very sick, but it was still enjoyable. We opened gifts at home, drove to the local grandparent’s house, opened gifts and ate lunch, drove an hour to Bill’s mom’s house, ate dinner and opened gifts, drove home…all without Olivia having had much of a nap. But she was such a trooper. I’m nervous about her being content flying for 4-5 hours at a time, but she’s never been a bad child, or misbehaved much, so I think she will do fine. Regardless, I’m taking a big bag of stuff to keep her occupied. Snacks, books, toys, you name it, I’m taking it in an extra carry-on. Except there will be no noisy toys!

Olivia got so many toys for Christmas I felt the need to weed some of the toys she no longer plays with, or those that are out of her age range and put them aside for the new baby. I am in awe of how generous everyone is and how much they love our little family. We are so very blessed. The funny thing is, my mom sent a bunch of gifts ahead of time, and it was overwhelming, I actually asked her “did you send all of the gifts? I thought you wanted to see her open things!” My mom just laughed and said “that isn’t the half of it!” I’m going to need to bring an extra big suitcase, I’ve been told.

On another note: Olivia is afraid of bugs. Last night as I was getting her ready for her bath, I spotted a tiny little bug scurrying away in the bathroom, so I went after it with a tissue. Before I could kill it, Olivia saw it scurry on the floor and freaked the fuck out. It was so pitiful. I quickly killed the bug, got rid of the evidence and scooped her up to hold her and reassure her that everything was okay. It is so weird when she cries, because she doesn’t do it very often, unless she is being “punished” (ie: pulled away from something she shouldn’t be into, which pisses her off). I think the fast scurrying of the bug freaked her out. Much like the first time she saw a dog and it moved too fast for her.

That’s the last few weeks in a neat and tidy post. Here’s looking at a bloggier new year!

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