One little sentence

The girls alternate picking out their bedtime stories each night. For three nights in a row, we’ve read Too Many Toys by David Shannon, a book we picked up at the library, as we have read many of Shannon’s other books and loved them.

Bill read the story the first two nights. On the first read-through, he got to about the fourth page, stopped reading and exhaled. He then grumbled and read the line very quickly and looked at me rolling his eyes.

The line was: “He had puzzles, board games, and talking books that fueled his mind…and loud, jumpy, frenzied video games that didn’t.

It drives Bill NUTS when people assume every gamer is automatically a dumbass who doesn’t get any intellectual stimulation from whatever they are playing. Or that they are just mindless drones who push buttons and stare off into space, drooling and getting dumber by the minute. It’s an unfair stereotype that gets perpetuated by things like that one little sentence.

He is proof positive that stereotype is definitely not true.

Just unfortunate that the book had to be ruined for him by that one sentence. Otherwise, it is a super cute story with a very good message.

But, as with anything done in excess, after three nights in a row, when Sophia tried to choose the story again, we begged for something new. I guess the girls aren’t bothered by that line.

*FYI: Once again, I get nothing if you buy from the link provided and Mr. Shannon doesn’t know me, but if he should ever read this: We really do love your books. ;o)

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