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Yesterday, almost as soon as he got home and sat down, Bill said to me “So, there is some hub-bub going on about this little girl…” before he could finish I said “Yes, little Katie! I read about it on EPBOT and left her a comment there AND registered at the Chicago Now site so I could leave her a comment there too.”

I also posted a link on Facebook so others would be aware of the situation.

Yes, I know, kids are teased for LOTS of things, and there thousands of other kids being bullied as we speak (probably more), but this specific situation tugged at my heart a bit more, because of WHY she was teased.

All for the love of Star Wars.

I have recently written how much Olivia LOVES Star Wars. What I haven’t really touched on is some of the comments I have gotten from people regarding that love.

Some of my favorite comments are:  “Oh, you need to get her to start liking princesses! Where’s the pink shirts? You need some Barbies! Why don’t you have a boy and leave that girl to be a girl? People are going to think she’s weird for liking Star Wars!”

Luckily, no one has said that to me in front of Olivia. I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. I just don’t understand the logic. There ARE princesses in Star Wars! Princesses that kick butt and basically take care of themselves! Olivia does wear pink. Star Wars and the color pink are not mutually exclusive. She can like both. She has Barbies. They are in her sandbox, digging with the dinosaurs. I may have a boy in the future. This does not mean HE will automatically come from the womb loving lightsabers and trying to use the force. So what if people think she’s weird? If it isn’t for Star Wars it will be for having curly hair, for loving to read, or (insert other random thing about Olivia). There is always something someone will use as playground ammunition. I refuse to deny her something she clearly enjoys because of the fear of fitting into a social norm.

Olivia is perfectly happy in her love of Star Wars, spouting off information, devouring any book she can find regarding the original Trilogy and The Clone Wars (Bill refuses to let her watch the newer three movies until she is well-versed in the originals). She used her birthday money to buy some of the action figures and she calls them her “Star Wars Friends” and keeps them in a tin Star Wars lunchbox (she has two, one for taking her lunch and one for her “friends”). She has a small remote control R2D2, and we watch some form of Star Wars on DVD a couple of times a week. She has the sandwich cutters from Williams-Sonoma and can’t wait to get the cookie cutters. Her closet is full of Star Wars shirts, she could probably wear a different one every day for half the month.

Her closet is also full of tutus, dresses and frilly things she enjoys wearing (almost) as much.

I just don’t see the point in limiting her in any way. I want Olivia to grow up and be who she is going to be, without fear of what the world will think. I want her to be confident in her choices and stand by her convictions. Whether she grows up to want to save the world, or just save the Princess, I don’t care. I want to give her the confidence to ignore those who may say STUPID, STUPID things just because they are faced with something different than the norm. Who knows? She may continue to be someone who loves all things Geek, just like her parents, or she could grow up and go in a completely different direction.

Bottom line is I.don’ what it is she loves or is into, as long as what she is into makes her happy (of course, I would prefer it to be legal, but doesn’t that go without saying?). And the rest of the world shouldn’t care either.

So, Katie, just know that whatever it is you love, if it makes you happy, don’t worry about what others may say. They don’t have all the answers, they don’t know everything, and you are NOT alone. You’re welcome to come and hang out at my Star Wars loving home anytime! You’ve got a friend in Olivia (and the rest of us think you’re pretty cool too).

If you want to leave Katie a supportive message, please visit here or you can click the EPBOT link and leave her a message there. Jen is making sure she gets them all!

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  • amber

    I still think you should buy her a pony…it would solve all if this…hehehe. you know I love you AND your girls…being different is what made us who we are and our differences are what made our group of friends interesting. Oh but seriously, I have a student named Luke…and his brother is named Darth….


    Natalie Reply:

    LMAO @ Luke & Darth! If we have a boy we’re naming him William Luke. Probably because I wouldn’t agree to William Han Solo.

    She’s got plenty of time for a pony. ;o)


  • I loved how the “geeks” of the world rallied around little Katie. Personally, I’m a sci-fi nerd so my children have no chance of escaping nerdom.

    Unless they get some of their father’s traits. Which is, of course, entirely likely.

    Star Wars is HUGE in our house. For both kids. Of course, Elizabeth just likes to eat Joseph’s action figures. And Joseph calls her the space monster.


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