Is my current mood. Which is not good considering I want to be a great hostess while my mom is here. Since she has been happily playing with Play Doh with the girls, here’s hoping she doesn’t notice my Blergness.

I really wish I had a switch that I could flip and feel less Blergy.

I have nothing to say except “Blerg, Blerg, Blerg”.

So, here are some flinks:

This is Photobomb : Hahahaha….awesome photobombs. It made me lol

Tacky Living: So there are some funny parts, BUT there is also a ton of useful information. I found a recipe on how to make oatmeal cookies from the packets of instant oatmeal you don’t want to eat, and I also saw a pattern for making those cute little over-priced crib shoes I fell in love with after Sophia was born. Good stuff indeed.

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