That was today.

I had a committee meeting for Olivia’s preschool (the Preschool equivalent to PTA). The girls LOVE the second Tuesday of every month, because that means they get to stay in the childcare room the school provides and play with lots of other kids. Today was no different, and when I came to pick them up an hour and a half later, one of the childcare providers commented on how well spoken the girls were, and the other provider said how well-behaved they were. Made me so proud!

After the meeting, we went to a local park to meet up with some of Olivia’s classmates. One of the other parents sent everyone an email, basically saying “Hey, we’re going to be at XYZ park at XYZ time, we would love for everyone to come and play.” So we went. And almost half of her class was there, and she had a great time.

Both girls did, actually, but I always have to remember that I am not just Olivia’s mom. I’m also Sophia’s, and she is often “forced” to tag along when we do things like this, and vice versa for Olivia. Precisely the reason we didn’t take Sophia to the birthday party this past Saturday. I was running around the park, making sure Sophia didn’t get into the big kids’ way, all the while trying to make sure I kept my eyes peeled for Olivia’s turquoise jacket in the sea of other kids running around.

I did notice something, however. Olivia DID play with the other kids. She ran around when one little boy wanted to play Scooby Doo (and constantly kept saying to her “Daphne, there is a VAMPIRE, come on!!” in a hilariously cute Shaggy-esque voice) she would jump up and run around with him, looking for a vampire. But, I honestly think her personality is such that she is much happier as an observer, not running in a PACK of kids. She was extremely happy playing in the sand with another (younger) girl, occasionally jumping up to chase “Shaggy”. She may be someone who is happier in a smaller group of people…only time will tell.

We had one slight altercation with a child NOT in her class, or even in her age range. He was younger than Sophia. Apparently, Olivia was playing with a shovel and this little kid decided he wanted it, so he came over and tried to grab it out of her hand. I was monitoring Sophia on the slides, so another mom from Olivia’s class tried to intervene and help (and I was informed of what was going on, so I went over right away). I diffused the situation, and it made her cry, but I told her that sometimes little kids don’t understand sharing, and often we just have to “let go” and let the younger person win every once in awhile.

The class mom told me that she was frustrated because the younger child’s mom was on her cell phone, and when she tried to help Olivia, the mom actually looked at her and said “Leave him alone, he’s okay” when he was trying to yank the toy out of Olivia’s hand.

Ugh. Really?

After I diffused the situation it was getting close to lunch time, and Olivia looked at me (still upset and slightly weepy) and asked “Can we go to a Res-tuh-raunt for lunch?”

I just couldn’t say no.

I’m such a freaking pushover sometime.

As an FYI: I am still fully planning on posting every day, but my mom is coming into town tomorrow (yay!) and staying for a week, SO I may be relying on FLINKS or small anecdotes, etc. etc.

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