Sweet Potato & Apple Mini Muffins

My newest quest is to eschew all store-bought breakfast items (just things like toaster pastries, cereal bars and granola bars–I still love a bowl of cereal!) and make my own. My reasons for this are that the girls LOVE that kind of stuff, but, because of my desire to give them healthy alternatives it . . . → Read More: Sweet Potato & Apple Mini Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I became obsessed with Starbucks’ Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.


So, in order to avoid going into massive debt, I researched and found a recipe.

Of course, as I do with every recipe, I changed some stuff around. Instead of a cup of white sugar, I used 3/4 a cup of brown sugar, and . . . → Read More: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


One of my favorite things to do with Olivia and Sophia is to bake cookies. It is probably the messiest project we take on (aside from finger painting), but they get such a kick out of being able to eat their creations, that I can’t refuse a request to bake.

Every time Olivia finds . . . → Read More: Sneakerdoodles

All that and a bag of chips

At parties past, Bill and I have done burgers and hot dogs on the grill or deli platters along with an assortment of dips, chips, veggies and the like. We always have our parties in the afternoons: After lunch, and before dinner. So, people aren’t usually hungry for a meal. Which means we have . . . → Read More: All that and a bag of chips


It’s been 2 weeks since I posted.

And I was doing so well, too! In my defense, we had house guests, everyone got sick, and now we are recouping. I have lots in store…I am determined to try and post at least 5 times a week. Maybe I’ve said that before. But this time, . . . → Read More: Oh NOES!

Me Likey

For now, I’m going with Me Likey for the “feature” name. It’s less crass, obvious enough without being bland, and goofy. Like me.

So, for today’s Me Likey, I give you a variation of this recipe because when do I not change stuff around?

Here’s what I did:

3 cups penne pasta 1/4 cup . . . → Read More: Me Likey

The 200th

According to WordPress, I have 199 posts. Which means THIS post is the 200th. Pretty nifty. Only took me 3 years and one month.

Maybe the next 100 won’t take as long.

I’ve been thinking about having a “feature” (if you will) where I post something I like once a week. Be it a . . . → Read More: The 200th

The trip…in detail (part two)

Catch up with Part One in case you missed it.

When Sophia was born, the first thing I said was “She looks like my grandma”.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but, something about her was eerily similar to my grandma.

It took a few photos, but finally my mom saw what I . . . → Read More: The trip…in detail (part two)

I’m back.

Yes, I am. I promise. No, really. I’ve missed you and I’ve missed writing.

I am also back from visiting my family in North Carolina. I had a good trip, right up until the end. I believe the stress of life got to me and I got a bit snippy (okay, BITCHY) towards my . . . → Read More: I’m back.

Another recipe for you. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.

Thanks to Rachel for reminding me that I could use the ham broth when I make rice. I do sometimes use chicken broth in my rice, so it won’t be such a giant leap to use the ham broth. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Okay. I’m on a recipe roll, so . . . → Read More: Another recipe for you. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.