My mama is a force of nature. She tells you what she thinks, and if you don’t like it, well, that is too bad. She is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she thinks is right (or wrong). Growing up, she was a dynamite, and most people like to . . . → Read More: Words.

Using the Force

When Olivia first became a Star Wars fan, she would get REALLY frustrated that she couldn’t use “the force”. She came to me crying “Mama! Why can’t I use the force? I’m trying so hard!” We tried to explain to her that she was still a Padawan and she had to train really hard . . . → Read More: Using the Force


I was so proud of myself at Christmas. I had set a budget for the girls’ gifts, and managed to stay within that budget.

Enter Bill.

He thought it might be fun to totally blow my budget out of the water and buy a Kinect “for the girls”. For the girls I thought, Sure . . . → Read More: Specifics.

Totally Random

I have finally totally succumbed to whatever has been floating around and causing my children (and husband) to be sick. I’m on the edge of being REALLY sick, so I keep thinking “I can do something.” but deep down I know if I tried, I would wind up worse than I am right now, . . . → Read More: Totally Random

Hair apparent

I’ve talked about Olivia’s gorgeous hair before, and how much trouble it has been for me to cut it.

It still hasn’t been cut.


But, the time, it is drawing near. Every day is a struggle to brush, fix and have it look like someone cares about her and not give the impression . . . → Read More: Hair apparent


I’ve written before what Bill means to me and how much I love him.

This whole blog is devoted to how much I love being a mama to my wonderful girls.

I have so much love in my heart for those three, every day, not just today.

I use the word “Love” a lot. . . . → Read More: Love


This week, Olivia’s preschool teachers told us they were going to send a slightly larger than shoe-box sized plastic tub home with a couple of kids a week. In the little tubs, the children were to put a toy into it, write three clues and bring it in so everyone in the class can . . . → Read More: Homework

The curious incident of the little girl in the morning-time

I’m not a morning person.

Now that I have two kids who are mobile and can get in and out of their own beds, life is much easier. They come into mama & daddy’s room, climb into our bed and will watch cartoons until 7:30-8 (depending on if we have preschool that morning), allowing . . . → Read More: The curious incident of the little girl in the morning-time

Ballerina Girl…

My baby, her hair in a bun, and bobby pins tucked firmly in place.

Her light pink tights on her not-quite-big-girl legs.

Little wisps of hair falling out of the bun, curling around her face.

Twirling, spinning, falling…

“This is First Position, mama!” My little ballerina girl told me today.

She’s growing up so . . . → Read More: Ballerina Girl…

The darndest things…

Since I now have two sick kids, today’s post will be a short one.

This weekend, Bill was making Sophia a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she’s been going through a “peanut butter only” phase, but in recent weeks she has requested jelly as well. Since Bill was unsure he asked her “Soph, do . . . → Read More: The darndest things…