Hair apparent

I’ve talked about Olivia’s gorgeous hair before, and how much trouble it has been for me to cut it.

It still hasn’t been cut.


But, the time, it is drawing near. Every day is a struggle to brush, fix and have it look like someone cares about her and not give the impression . . . → Read More: Hair apparent


I’ve written before what Bill means to me and how much I love him.

This whole blog is devoted to how much I love being a mama to my wonderful girls.

I have so much love in my heart for those three, every day, not just today.

I use the word “Love” a lot. . . . → Read More: Love

Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 36-42)

Day 36: I had to make myself find something to photograph, as I had two sick, snotty children who were not amused at my photography attempts. I liked the conversation hearts picture though, I thought it turned out okay.

Day 37: Superbowl Sunday. I stayed at home and took care of sick kids, so . . . → Read More: Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 36-42)


This week, Olivia’s preschool teachers told us they were going to send a slightly larger than shoe-box sized plastic tub home with a couple of kids a week. In the little tubs, the children were to put a toy into it, write three clues and bring it in so everyone in the class can . . . → Read More: Homework

Camera Gear

I am often asked, “What kind of camera equipment do you have?” So I thought it might be fun to put a polyvore collection together to show you my camera gear.

I think this will be when the velvet rope comes down, the curtain falls, and all of those other horrible cliches are put . . . → Read More: Camera Gear

Wordless Wednesday: “That girl is all about the ass…”

I want to see your Wordless Wednesdays too! Link up over at BabyBabyLemon!!


Fuzzy Wuzzy

Most kids are afraid of normal kid things: monsters, the dark, loud noises, strangers, strange animals, bugs.

Then you have the kids who are afraid of weird things.

Like Sophia.

She’s terrified….of fuzz.

Basically, lint. My kid it afraid of lint. She’s terrified of anything that looks remotely like it: dust bunnies, clumps of . . . → Read More: Fuzzy Wuzzy

Zucchini Bread: Wherein I learn to ask my friends before making things.

I bought some zucchini. It was on sale. I thought “Oh, I can sautee it up, it will be great.”

Then I was told how some people in my house were not huge fans of sauteed zucchini. Since I’ve never fried it, or didn’t really know of a good raw application, I got the . . . → Read More: Zucchini Bread: Wherein I learn to ask my friends before making things.

P90X Update: Week 5

This was the start of Phase 2. The only change was my Wednesdays. Instead of Shoulders/Arms it was Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.

Day 29 (Monday): I was sick. So sick. I did nothing. Since I practically ate nothing, I don’t feel very guilty about it.

Day 30 (Tuesday): Okay, maybe I felt slightly guilty, . . . → Read More: P90X Update: Week 5

Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 29-35)

Day 29: We were lazy, so we didn’t do much until the afternoon, when we went out around town. I ultimately went with Cavalia because it was different and I wanted to make sure I was doing more than just pictures of the girls. I did, however take some of Olivia playing Super Mario . . . → Read More: Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 29-35)