Maybe I should read a book? Or 19?

Behold! This stack of books was created after I checked my shelves and found I had these, but for some reason, had not read them. 80% are from that fabulous $1 bookstore I speak of so much and the other 20% were gifts (Can you tell Bill did the math here? Incorrect percentages . . . → Read More: Maybe I should read a book? Or 19?

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

Ooh, look, a recipe for you. I haven’t posted one in awhile, and I realized, as I was making them last night, I had never posted this particular one.

I didn’t realize until AFTER I had made them that I hadn’t done all of this, so I was not taking photos of the step-by-step, . . . → Read More: Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

One little sentence

The girls alternate picking out their bedtime stories each night. For three nights in a row, we’ve read Too Many Toys by David Shannon, a book we picked up at the library, as we have read many of Shannon’s other books and loved them.

Bill read the story the first two nights. On the . . . → Read More: One little sentence

It’s Christmas-time…

Okay, so not really. I’m actually looking very forward to Thanksgiving, as it is Bill’s favorite holiday and his dad makes amazing stuffing.


The reality is Christmas will be here before I am ready, so I’ve started gathering information, searching the internets, and price comparing to make sure I can get my shit . . . → Read More: It’s Christmas-time…

Um…these are CHILDREN’S BOOKS?

I don’t want to be a jerk of a parent. I don’t. But, I fully intend to read all books before the girls do as they get older. Or, in the very least, read reviews, plot points, etc.

Don’t think I will tell them they can’t read something if I find it questionable (because, . . . → Read More: Um…these are CHILDREN’S BOOKS?