Flinkity Flinks

It is supposed to rain this weekend. I had to cancel my planned yard sale, so it damned well better rain.

We went to the library to stock up on books for the girls, since we anticipate not being able to go outside for the next couple of days. Olivia said she thought she . . . → Read More: Flinkity Flinks

Because it’s been awhile.

I offer you a FLINK.

Oddly Specific: The strangely particular website peculiarly exacting signs.

Funny signs make me giggle.

That is all :o)


But…where’s GOB?



If you look to the right, you’ll see that I added a new category to my blog roll, where you will find blogs I read pertaining to children and/or their parents navigating how to parent. Also, Celebrity Baby Blog, because they review some great products (okay, the cute babies don’t hurt either). Check them . . . → Read More: Shout-outs


I’m a big LOST fan. I’m not a rabid fan who looks for hidden meanings in everything, but I’m a big enough fan to get giddy with girlie giggles when Bill told me yesterday that he saw Naveen Andrews (Sayid) while out and about (sorry, I can’t say where).

My two favorite characters are . . . → Read More: LOST

The best recipe I’ve tried in a long time…

Bill loves mushrooms. A lot. I am a big fan myself, but he can out-mushroom me. Anyway, he sends me an email from work letting me know he had found this AMAZING looking recipe and said “This looks good as shit”. Of course, I had to try it.

And let me tell you, it . . . → Read More: The best recipe I’ve tried in a long time…

I guess I’ll have to change the blog’s name…

So, I’ve been REALLY bad and haven’t posted in over ten days.

But I have a really good explanation for this lapse in writing.

I’ve been dealing with a very special type of sickness. They call it “morning sickness” but it affects me all day long, and it is totally draining me of any . . . → Read More: I guess I’ll have to change the blog’s name…

Pressing on

This is what I have decided to do in regards to my little blog slip yesterday. What does this mean for you? I’m still posting every day for the rest of November, dammit. In fact, I may try to go longer. We’ll see.

This also means that some days you may get craptastic posts. . . . → Read More: Pressing on