The Results are IN.

I would like to thank all 16 of you who voted in my little “name my new blog” poll. Seriously. I expected much less, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The results are in. Taking a whopping 50% of the vote: ‘Make Way For Geeklings’ was the clear winner.

Too bad I won’t be using . . . → Read More: The Results are IN.

I need YOU to help ME (and this Blog)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog. It will be five years in February that I’ve been blogging, and I think maybe it is time for a change. I want to join some groups, do a little bit more than what I’m currently doing with this blog. Expand! So…I need a permanent name. . . . → Read More: I need YOU to help ME (and this Blog)

The laziest (or sickest) post this week

Yep. Both girls are still sick, Bill is sick and I don’t feel so hot. I am actually more bummed I didn’t workout today than anything else (so that means it is working?). But I’m going to switch up my rest day and do the cardio on Sunday (that’s my current plan, anyway). SO, . . . → Read More: The laziest (or sickest) post this week

Five things I like this week

Since yesterday’s post was a bit more serious than usual, I’ve decided to make today’s light and fun.

Here are five things I like this week.

Almonds I’m doing P90X and have been craving protein, so I bought about a half a pound at the grocery store earlier this week and I’ve eaten every . . . → Read More: Five things I like this week

Add them to YOUR blog roll!

Since I started posting more (woohoo 1 and a half months strong), I have started to expand my blog roll (or is it blogroll? Spell check seems to think this is two words, but spell check can be a dirty dirty liar) to include lots of other kid-based blogs. Just wanted to fill you . . . → Read More: Add them to YOUR blog roll!

My week (1) in DROID photos

Once again, Suzanne over at Bebehblog has turned me on to another internet meme (at least, I think that’s what this is considered? Please correct me if I’m wrong!). My week in cellphone photos.

Now, my photography teacher (who is a professional) would get SO upset: “This (holding up cell phone) is NOT a . . . → Read More: My week (1) in DROID photos

From one geek girl to another…

Yesterday, almost as soon as he got home and sat down, Bill said to me “So, there is some hub-bub going on about this little girl…” before he could finish I said “Yes, little Katie! I read about it on EPBOT and left her a comment there AND registered at the Chicago Now site . . . → Read More: From one geek girl to another…

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

So. I’m jumping on this bandwagon. At first, I didn’t realize it was a bandwagon. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention, because I’m sure she mentioned it, but I started enjoying all of Suzanne’s Wordless Wednesdays and thought “I should do that…but I don’t want to steal her thing.”

Okay, so I didn’t steal it, . . . → Read More: (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Just a quick note

I’m working on updating the layout of the blog. Eventually I would like to design my own layout, but since I’ve neither the time nor patience today (this month, this year…who knows?), this new adjustable theme will have to do.

While I’m still respecting Bill’s request for no photos revealing the girls’ (or our) . . . → Read More: Just a quick note


Yes, since I have been SO amazingly awesome at posting recently, (I really can’t wait for the sarcasm font to happen), I have decided to throw my hat into the ring again and ATTEMPT the annual November feat: National Blog Posting Month.

Yep. You heard it here. I, Natalie, will attempt, among my other . . . → Read More: NaBloPoMo